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Pete Sanders’ & Free Soul’s NEWEST Material

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 “Science for Living AS a Soul” for 4Cing YOUR Future for:
MORE Health, Happiness & Success

an M.I.T. Honors Graduate’s LATEST Spiritual Discoveries

Have Mr. Sanders’ sharing with you personally
thru your computer or smart phone.

4 Part – 60 min. Classes

Class 1 •  4Cing YOUR Future Success, Health, and Happiness (Introduction and 1st “C” Foundation)
Class 2 • Clearing Aura Anchor Chains

Class 3 • Tapping the Soul and Beyond
Class 4 • Converting Struggle and Hurts to Wisdom and Enlightenment

Price for ALL Four Classes     $75.00 Total

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4-Cing YOUR Future Happiness, Health, Success and Serenity
(How to Feel Better Fast and have FULL Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness)
Clearing Aura Anchor Chains
(Keys for Easing Stress, Lowering Blood Pressure, and Clearing Negative Energy from Your Aura)
Tapping the Soul and Beyond
(Accessing the 6+ Extra Dimensions and 15 Times MORE Energy Discovered by Physicists)
Converting Struggle and Hurts to Wisdom and Enlightenment
(How to Use Your Past for Creating Happiness and Serenity Rather than Regret and Suffering)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Science For Living AS A Soul 2-DVD Set
is  available thru

The material in the “4Cing YOUR Future” – Four Classes Series

contains part of the Science For Living AS A Soul 2-DVD Set content
AND ADDS substantial NEW material,
Including FULLY tapping “The Spark of the Divine” within you.

To Hear an 60 min. InnerView of Pete Sanders’ Spiritual Journey
(from his first Spiritual Awakening at age 5 to Founding Free Soul in Sedona
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