Instructor Training

Now Available
Online Instructor Training Option

(Travel to Sedona NOT Required)


Learn Directly from Free Soul Founder,
Pete A. Sanders Jr.,

THE FREE SOUL METHOD for Creating YOUR OWN Enlightenment

– for Enhancing EVERYTHING you teach and do
PLUS add the Certification: “Trained in the Free Soul Method”

Also Includes an Option to be listed at as an Instructor/Facilitator,
(helping Seekers “Be Their Own Best Spiritual Teachers!”)

In Addition to Learning the Key Elements of THE FREE SOUL METHOD
(that are adaptable for enhancing ALL Spiritual Workshops and Program)
And the 200+ Page Instructor Manual

You WILL ALSO Receive – 10 Hours of Training

 to present Free Soul’s three Unique Workshops:

  1. Discover “Inner Technology” – based on You Are Psychic!
  2. Access Your Brain’s Joy Center – based on book of same title
  3. Psi 2000 – based on the New Soul Infusion Discovery
    Recommended Prerequisites:
  1. Having a copy of You Are Psychic!
  2. Have the Access Your Brain’s Joy Center Book and DVD/CD Combo Package

    $425 for US Mailing Addresses / $475 for International Addresses)

    Includes mailing of 200+ Page Instructor Manual
    – for Purchase with Credit Card or Debit Card 
    a. Go to
    b. Click on the Donate Menu (Middle Right of Home Page)
    c. Click on Donate at the bottom of the Page
    d. Click on “Donate with a Credit or Debit Card” (unless you have a PayPal Account you want to use)
    e. Make a payment of $425 (if Manual shipped to US address) or $475 (if International shipping)
    f. Click on “Share you address” so we know where to mail your Instructor Manual)
    g. Click on “Add Special Instructions”(at top) and write “For Instructor Training”
    ALSO include your mailing address (especially if it is different than billing address for your card)

    – for Purchase by Check or Money Order
    Mail a Check to Free Soul P.O. Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339
    (be sure to include your mailing address so we know where to mail your Instructor Manual)
    (Make check to: Free Soul for $425 if Manual shipped to US address or $475 if International shipping)
    (Note “For Instructor Training” on the check)


    Training CONDUCTED thru VIMEO Videos – Travel to Sedona NOT Required
    (NO Downloads required – You will be sent a link and password)
    (allowing you to watch the Training Videos at your leisure and repeatedly)


If Website Listing/Certification as “Official/Active” Free Soul Facilitator is desired, the Additional Prerequisites of:

  • Having had the FS001 1st Counseling 90-min Session (in Person or Online) ($95 in Person /$125 via Skype/Zoom, etc. )
  • Completing a Summary Review Sheet (after watching all 10-hours of Videos)
  • Agreeing to the Free Soul Pricing & Policies (see below)
    (Workshop prices $50-$250 depending on length and location)
    Official Certificate signed by Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr., mailed to you upon completion of the above

    TO REMAIN in Active/Certified List on (after 1st year)
  • Annual $50 Member Contribution and/or $50 of Program Revenue sent to Free Soul

For all Free Soul Courses and Workshops 20% of the Admission Price is the portion charged by Free Soul (and sent in by the Instructor to Free Soul). The Instructor keeps 80% of the admission as their income.