Instructor Training

Next Instructor Training in Sedona, Arizona (11-12 Feb. 2021)

Conducted Personally by Pete Sanders – for Certification:
To be a part of the Free Soul Network of Facilitators – 
helping Seekers “Be Their Own Best Spiritual Teachers!”

Training to present Free Soul’s three foundation Workshops:
  1. Discover “Inner Technology” – based on You Are Psychic!
  2. Access Your Brain’s Joy Center – based on book of same title
  3. Psi 2000 – based on the New Soul Infusion Discovery
    (Workshop prices $50-$250 depending on length and location)
  1. Having had the FS001 1st Counseling ($95 / 90-min Session)
  2. Having a copy of You Are Psychic!
  3. Have the Access Your Brain’s Joy Center Book and DVD/CD Combo Package

For all Free Soul Courses and Workshops 20% of the Admission Price is the portion charged by Free Soul (and sent in by the Instructor to Free Soul). The Instructor keeps 80% of the admission as their income. Certification for 3 years.

($250 pre-registered before 31 Dec. 2020/ $300 after / $350 at the door) 

9 a.m. Thursday, 11 Feb. thru 5 p.m. Friday, 12 Feb., 2021

** Location in Sedona, AZ 86336 TBD as things return to more normal after Sedona Shutdown

(Participants arrange their own Lodging wherever they choose in Sedona)
[For help contact the Sedona Chamber of Commerce 1-800-288-7336 or (928) 282-7722]

Call Free Soul (928) 282-9425 for help with roommates