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#1 Hear Free Soul Founder, Pete A. Sanders Jr. share on his Life's Work and the Purposes of Free Soul

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#3 Also Available

  • Videos of Mr. Sanders Explaining the Science of the Vortexes
  • You can learn more about Sedona's Vortexes and how to find similar places near you from Mr. Sanders book, Scientific Vortex Information
  • or if you are in Sedona by attending his weekly presentation

Scientific Vortex Information

By Pete A Sanders Jr. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Honors Graduate and author of the bestseller, You Are Psychic!



Saturdays, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
• at Sedona Real Inn & Suites (Free for Guests)
• 95 Arroyo Pinon Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336
$15/person for those NOT staying at Sedona Real 
• Call Free Soul (928) 282-9425 to hold your place

Mondays, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

• at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa (Free for Guests)
• 160 Portal Lane Sedona, AZ 86336 (next to Tlaquepaque)
(arrive by 12:45 p.m. and pay at the Activity Studio)

$15/person for those NOT staying at Los Abrigados
• Call Activity Center (928) 203-5353 to hold your place
• (additional questions call Free Soul (928) 282-9425)


Learn how to fully tap Sedona’s Inspirational Meditation and Prayer Sites
• Understand the different types of Vortex Meditation/Prayer Sites
• Directions to Sedona’s nine strongest and most accessible locations
• Learn what energies are involved and why it is not electric or magnetic, and how to find similar areas near your home, and wherever you travel

(CLICK HERE to see a brief video of Mr. Sanders explaining Vortexes)

This program gives you everything you need to know to lead yourself on your own Vortex Tour. Pete Sanders is a Nationally recognized speaker and author who has lived in Sedona since 1980. He turned down Harvard Medical School to found his NonProfit Free Soul Mind/Body Education Program, because he felt the public deserved scientifically based training in the frontier of the human potential. In specific, his focus is sharing keys for how seekers can learn to be their own best teachers.

Mr. Sanders brings that same approach to this practical, down to Earth, presentation about Sedona’s Vortexes. You will leave knowing how to easily and fully experience the spiritual power of Sedona to renew and re-inspire your life.



For People who attend the Vortex Lecture OR
who have read his Books (both available as E-Books and Audible Books)

You Are Psychic! (especially Chapters 8 & 9 on - You ARE a Soul)
Scientific Vortex Information

Mr. Sanders also offers Private Sedona Vision Quest Sessions

Option A:
The Core 60 min. (Single Person $99 - Couples/Friends $75 each) Option covers:
- How to BEST move forward with your spiritual growth
(and what Sedona Vortexes to visit to assist in that)
- How to get answers "For the Rest of Your Life" about your next spiritual steps
(a clear/easy Vision Quest System you can use AT ANY TIME for spiritual clarity & growth)

Option B:
A 90 Minute (Single Person $125 - Couples/Friends $100 each) Option also covers
- Advanced Mind/Body Healing or
- How to Clear Past Life Soul Bruises
- and also get Positive Past-Life Memory

Option C:
The 2 Hour Option (Single Person $150 - Couples/Friends $125 each) includes ALL of the above