“Limitless Love”

The FULL Content of Free Soul's 40th Anniversary Retreat
(8 Sessions Pete Sanders teaching directly to YOU)


Soul Science for "Limitless" Love
(of Self, of Life, with Partners, and with the Divine)
and Serenity thru ANY Storm

Recharge YOUR Spirit and Wellness with the LATEST Discoveries from Sedona

by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Founder of Free Soul
and author of You are Psychic! and Access Your Brain's Joy Center


- NEW Psychic and Soul Techniques
for the DEEPEST Insight, Healing and Happiness

- Advanced Soul Vision of Life Purposes
for Living AS a Soul in ALL Facets of YOUR Life

- Clearing this Life and Past-Life Hurts
and Living "In Serenity thru the Storms"

Recommended Prerequisites:
Access Your Brain's Joy Center book & Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set

You CAN have Free Soul's LATEST Discoveries

from the 40th Anniversary Sedona Retreat
(Have ALL the Insights WITHOUT the Travel)


For $250 - Available as Recorded Sessions containing ALL the Content
of Free Soul's 40th Anniversary Sedona Weekend Retreat.

Mr. Sanders Teaching DIRECTLY to YOU:

Session 1 - Soul Science for "Limitless Love"
Session 2 - Enhancing Your Love of Self
Session 3 - Enhancing Your Love of Life
Session 4 - Enhancing Your Love Connection with Partners
Session 5 - Enhancing Your Love Connection the Infinite/Devine
Session 6 - Clearing Past-Life Soul Bruises & Accessing Positive Past-Life Memory
Session 7 - Secrets for Successful Vortex Vision Questing
Session 8 - Keys for Moving Forward & Living Life AS a Soul


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that allows you to EASILY watch thru Vimeo (on Computer or Smartphone) at your leisure.
(You can pause, rewind, and/or rewatch as much as you want for a year)

Give yourself the Gift of the LATEST and DEEPEST NEW Free Soul Techniques for increased Health, Happiness, and Success even if you can not travel to Sedona.


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Valentine’s Day in Sedona for The Gift of Serenity thru the Storm!

In this most uncertain and challenging of times, this Valentine’s Day give yourself THE GIFT of a deep Wellness Renewal and the Insight Enhancing Benefits of Sedona. Whether in person or “Live to YOUR Home” via ZOOM, let Free Soul Founder, Pete a. Sanders Jr. share with you NEW Techniques for “Living Life AS a Soul.” Learn how to open Portals to “Limitless Love” (of Self. Of Life, with Partners, and with the Divine) and be able to be and STAY Serene thru ANY Storm.
The 13-14 February 2021 Sedona Retreat will give you all of the above and more. Attendees will learn new insights and methods for transforming past traumas into Enlightenment Enhancers: not just healing and clearing them, but converting unresolved hurts, worries, angers, or fears into Soul strength, insight, and compassion.
You CAN have ALL those benefits even if it is not feasible for you to travel to Sedona. There is LIMITED availability for ZOOM participation. For those attending in person (also LIMITED places available), the Retreat WILL follow Sedona’s Safe, Clean, Ready policies. There will be spaced seating, good ventilation, outside options and time spent in nature. Register early to get the 2020 discounts and reserve your space. Registrations are refundable if plans or conditions change.


Don’t Settle for Less. Have FULL Love in ALL Facets of YOUR Life!
Learn to Radiate the Spark of the Divine!.

Love is an energy that transcends all others. Having a lack of love in your life is far more damaging to your wellbeing than not getting enough Vitanim C or D. Without a love of life, love of self, love connection with others and the divine, the spirit goes from being joyously abundant to a shriveling husk of physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease. As 2021 continues to present many of the same challenges that started in 2020 it is imperative to RECHARGE for moving forward with the maximum success, health and happiness in your life. Sedona’s special qualities can facilitate and accelerate your renewal, even if you cannot be in Sedona (see next column on the right). As inspiring as exhilarating as Sedona can be, don’t settle for just momentary relief or momentary well-being, learn insights and techniques for SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS.

Noted author, said “Life is the story you tell yourself” and “every Hero’s Journey story DOES face negatives, a dragon, an evil character, etc..” Take that a step further. See the challenges in your life as part of your hero’s journey; to be faced and overcome as part of your Soul adventure. Most of all, learn to write a “Love Story”, one where you have the inner peace of feeling valued, respected and cherished.
It is hard to do that when inner scars cloud the beauty of your Soul and your connection to the Divine. When the layers of your Soul Pearl are sooted up with worries, hurts, angers, or fears, the Spark of the Divine Radiant Energy (the same energy that flows thru every scintilla of space and is expanding the Universe (see column 3) cannot fully flow thru you. You are getting a trickle of that energy versus the firehose that is possible for you.
That is the primary focus of the 13-14 February 2021 “Limitless Love” Sedona Winter Retreat; FULL ACCESS to that Spark of the Divine Energy; to open Portals to it, to clear what is obscuring its total radiance thru you. Then you can go from merely surviving to thriving. You can not just go with the flow, you can “Glow with the Flow.” You will be able to have “Serenity thru ANY Storm.” You will have an Enhanced Love of Life, Love of Self, Love with Partners, and Love Connection with the Divine.
If you can not travel to Sedona, you can still “Remotely” benefit from the 13-14 February 2021 “Limitless Love” Sedona Winter Retreat. There are a LIMITED NUMBER of spaces available to attend via ZOOM (see column 2 to the right)

Science & Spiritual: The Soul Portal
to Success, Health, Joy, And Enlightenment!

Just as Love means the same thing, no matter what language it is written in (a rose by any other name would smell as sweet), so too, a truth can be revealed from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. Further, having multiple perspectives gives a more accurate and complete understanding. That is true for seeing all aspects of a home for sale, or just as valid for full awareness of how to tackle the challenges in your life. Blending both science and spirituality is the key to maximizing success, health and happiness of your life. Use both scientific and spiritual insights to Create Your Own Enlightenment.
All faiths have Love as a central tenant for living a happy and prosperous life. When you have love in your life (especially love for the Divine) you rise to a higher, more complete, level. There are also scientific perspective on that same theme. “Feeling Good” (love of self, love of life) has been shown medically to enhance the immune system (by raising the killer T-Cell level). Meditation and peacefulness have been proven to lower blood pressure. People who have loving relationships are shown to be happier and healthier.
Where does science connect to the “Love of the Divine” aspect? It is thru the Expansive Energy that started with the Big Bang and continues thru every scintilla of space (to grow and spread our three-dimensional Universe). While science still does not know exactly what that Expansive Energy is, we do know that it seems to flow from between the cracks of space. Not just in the vastness between galaxies, but also within us (most of every atom is also empty space). The physicists also say it makes up close to 75% of the energy of the complete Universe (that full 10+ dimensions that Super-Strings Physics says everything exists in). That Expansive Energy is also connected to everything; all space, all time, all that IS!
The problem with most faith based and modern science approaches is that they provide frequently provide only temporary feelings well-being and/or at worst potentials to actually undermine security and serenity (“yes, buts..” or “what ifs..”).The solution is insight, methods and techniques that blend science and spirituality for SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS and LIMITLESS LOVE.
Knowing the Soul-shift technique for quickly, and easily tapping your dimension beyond is a start. The additional advance techniques in the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD set is a next step. The 13-14 February 2012 “Limitless Love Sedona Retreat’s NEW concepts and techniques for FULLY opening portals to that Expansive Energy completes the process.

NEW Sedona Psychic Discoveries for FULLY “Living Life AS a Soul”

Imagine knowing easy steps for markedly enhancing ALL facets of your life. That is what Free Soul’s Founder, Pete Sanders, is sharing at the 13-14 February 2021 – "Limitless Love" Sedona Retreat. Participants will leave knowing a NEW rapid spiritual system for greater health, harmony, and happiness.

You deserve MORE: To be excited in your life instead of exhausted by life. Imagine being serene instead of struggling, to be happy instead of harried. Let Mr. Sanders and Sedona’s inspiring Vortexes give you that gift for the rest of your life.

Also covered will be: 1.) NEW Healing Techniques for Advanced Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness (see page 2), 2.)How to FULLY Tap (and let flow thru you) the “Spark of the Divine” within each of us (see page 2) and 3.) NEW Soul Vision Techniques for seeing the Soul Purpose threads in your life’s path (for better fulfilling your Destiny) and the Life Purpose currents of others (that affect their interactions with you)(see page 2).

The Retreat will build upon the techniques and discoveries in the Science for “Living” AS a Soul 2-DVD Set.

Additionally Recommended: Chapters 7, 8, & 9 of You Are Psychic! (Book, E-book, or Audible Book) and Chapter 1 of Access Your Brain’s Joy Center (Book or Digital Download Option - see page 3).

This Retreat will be Mr. Sanders’ most comprehensive program to date for FULLY “Living Life AS a Soul.” Give yourself the GIFT of a “Spiritual Vacation” that enriches your life for decades to come!

“Spark of the Divine” for FULL Healing from the "In-Between

Just as covering up odors is not the same as true cleanliness, so to, merely treating (even spiritually) symptoms of health issues is not FULL Wellness. That applies to mental and spiritual concerns, as well as physical health. For that reason, it essential to clear toxins from within as well as treat them only from the outside.

The most powerful source of that Inner Cleansing Energy is the radiance from the “Spark of the Divine” within each of us. Enlightenment is only possible if that LIGHT can shine freely and fully. For that, several steps are required.

First, you must clear the negative energies that are clouding up the Aura. A better future cannot be built until your Spiritual Toxic Waste Sites are cleaned up.

Second, know how to FULLY tap the Inner Soul Crystal covered in the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set (see pages 1 and 3). Techniques in the 13-14 February 2021, Sedona Retreat will go beyond the material contained in the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set and teach attendees how to not just access, but also direct the Inner Soul Crystal’s Rays to shine from “the In-Between” for healing mental, physical and spiritual unwellnesses.

The techniques in You Are Psychic! (particularly Chapter 7 on Self-Healing - that stands alone) and the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set are also powerful tools for protection, as well as health.

Knowing that, for sensitivity, you do NOT have to leave the Psychic Senses open, all the time, is a key for BOTH psychic safety AND Wellness. Knowing the Psychic Reception Areas and how to tap them, at will, gives you the ability to turn up the volume or shutter the windows, as the circumstances dictate. That prevents resooting what you have healed.

The 13-14 Feb. Retreat will share additional Aura Protection options for keeping your Psychic Senses at high volume, but with easy and effective spiritual shielding that screens out disruptive influences.

If you cannot attend, The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or the Discounted Text+CDs option) can help you practice and master three different Aura Cleansing/Strengthening techniques.

Third, turn spiritual soot to diamonds and eliminate the darknesses that are tarnishing the Soul and impeding the radiance of the “Spark of the Divine” from illuminating ALL of life.


Seeing Soul Purpose for Clearing Energy Bruises & Blockages

An expert river guide needs to be cognizant of both the underneath currents and shoals, as well as the surface rapids and rocks. So too, it is essential to be aware of Life/Soul Purpose forces as you navigate the rivers of life.

The 13-14 Feb. Sedona Retreat will present NEW Psychic Techniques for understanding, seeing, feeling, and knowing the totality of Life/Soul Purpose Energies that surround and affect BOTH your life, and your interactions with others.

Also included will be how to benefit from mistakes you may feel you have made in the past and spiritually utilize the pressures you are currently experiencing.

The graphite in pencil lead is the same chemical composition as a diamond. They are both pure carbon. The difference is the lattice structure. In diamond, heat and pressure have transformed the soot of carbon into an integrated, organized, clear, and- strong crystal. Spiritually it is possible (and essential) to transform the fires and intensities of life into wisdom and enlightenment.

In addition to graphite, pencil lead contains clay. The clay transforms the sooty graphite into a smooth writing instrument. So too, living on Earth, lets the Soul unfold the rough draft of a Life Purpose Plan into a beautiful Story of Exploration and Discovery, and a Jewel of Health, Harmony, and Happiness.

The difference between just immediate Life Purposes and Soul Purpose is sensing the longer term (multi-life) threads that can cross current this life’s efforts.

Frequently, Past-Life Memory is only associated with traumatic events. As important as it is to understand and heal Soul Bruises, there are other equally valuable aspects to Past-Life Memory. You CAN also retrieve insight from your past strengths and masteries. Even if a pearl has a blemish or a dam- aged area, it still has many layers of beauty and perfection. So too, the Inner Soul Crystal stores the retained wisdom of many life- times. A major focus of the 13-14 Feb. Retreat will be integrating this life Soul Vision with your Past-Life Soul Purpose Wisdom.

If you can not attend, consider ordering the 3-CD Set Advanced Soul Infusion. It has Past-Life Memory techniques.

Mastering the BiLevel Awareness skills in You Are Psychic! (Chapter 9) and extensively taught in The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs option) also helps.


Deeper Soul Awareness Skills and Advanced Aura Shielding

Sedona, AZ – The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will unveil Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders’, newest discoveries for how to deeply (but also safely) expand your consciousness and psychic scanning abilities. In today’s fast paced world it is increasingly difficult to find the time for effective meditation and spiritual connection. Seekers deserve new methods and techniques for rapidly and practically “Living Life AS a Soul,” at ALL TIMES.

Free Soul has always led the way in methods for practical spiritual growth. The 15-16 Feb. 2020 Retreat will take that to an even higher, level. It will share NEW techniques for THE DEEPEST LEVELS of Soul Connection DURING DAILY ACTIVITY, including how to flow Positive Past-Life Memory and Wisdom into your current challenges. Imagine being able to walk and work “In Enlightenment” instead of struggle. Imagine knowing how tap your full Soul Wisdom, wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

The increased pressures and media bombardment of daily life also make knowing how to SAFELY expand your awareness imperative. Enhancing your spiritual skills and psychic sensitivity should not come at the expense of making you more vulnerable to potentially disruptive energies (other people’s stresses, disharmonies, and fears, etc.). The 16-17 Feb. Retreat will also teach the latest in Advanced Aura Protection and Shielding Skills. Also included will be NEW methods for transforming both this life and Past-Life trauma into wisdom.


Soul-u-tions: Solving the Connection vs Protection Dilemma

As Spiritual Seekers expand their awareness and learn to tap the psychic senses, they automatically become more vulnerable to additional disruptive energies. It opens them up to a whole new level of Limbic Brain distress. That disharmony directly counters the serenity and security benefits that initially come from meditation and increased awareness. It can even overwhelm the positive effects of spiritual exploration, leaving seekers more stressed and on edge, than at peace.

An analogy would be enjoying the fresh air and view of unshuttering and opening a window, but then without a screen in place, letting all the bugs in. Additionally, just opening a window without the ability to close it during inclement weather and extreme temperatures would be more harmful than beneficial. Similarly, opening up spiritually (especially including the Psychic Senses) without an equal focus on Aura Shielding and protection skills is unwise and even potentially harmful.

Remember, the Limbic Brain originally evolved as a warning mechanism directly tied to the senses. Seeing, hearing, or feeling signs of potential threats were wired to automatically trigger fight or flight physiological reflexes (raising blood pressure, muscle tightness, and an on edge versus relaxed inner state, etc.). Leaving the Psychic Senses open (and/or without shielding) opens a Seeker up to increased vulnerability to Limbic Distress.

That vulnerability is even further exacerbated by Social Media. People who use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are opened up to even more wide ranging Limbic Brain triggering. Seeing distressing events (or comments), happening elsewhere, on a phone or computer screen, is the same to the Limbic Brain as sensory input coming from the immediate surroundings.

That is why the techniques in You Are Psychic! are such a powerful tools for protection, as well as openness. Knowing that, for sensitivity, you do NOT have to leave the Psychic Senses open, all the time, is a key for psychic safety. Knowing the Psychic Reception Areas and how to tap them, gives you the ability to turn up the volume or shutter the windows, at will, as the circumstances dictate.

The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Retreat will share new Advanced Methods for Aura Protection that provide additional options for keeping your Psychic Senses at high volume, but with spiritual shielding that screens out disruptive influences.

If you cannot attend, The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs option) can help you practice and master three different Aura Cleansing/Strengthening techniques. Remember also to do those technique with a Bi-Level Soul-shifted perspective (versus head area focus that puts you more at a Limbic level) .

Some people say, “Thinking about Aura Protection is just being negative and giving into fear.” That IS accurate if they do not know the Soul-shift technique, because then the thoughts would be more from a Limbic level. Doing Bi-Level Aura Cleansing strengthens the Aura with love and from a universal connection rather than from a fearful Limbic Brain level.


Tapping the Wisdom of Your Past-Lives’ Strengths and Masteries

Frequently, Past-Life Memory is only associated with traumatic events.  As important as it is to understand and heal Soul Bruises, there are other equally valuable aspects to Past-Life Memory. You CAN also retrieve the insight from past strengths and masteries. Even if a pearl has a blemish or a damaged area, it still has many layers of beauty and perfection. So too, the Inner Soul Crystal stores the retained wisdom of many lifetimes.

Positive Past-Life Memory is a valuable asset for better handling this life’s difficulties. If you know how to tap them, remembering those past Soul-u-tions can be expanded to apply to an even greater range of current challenges. Ultimately, you CAN learn to flow that past forgotten wisdom into your daily actions and perspectives. Imagine having the spiritual ability to draw, at will, on YOUR Soul storehouse of past breakthroughs. That WILL be a major focus of the 13-14 Feb. 2021 Retreat in Sedona. If you can not attend, consider ordering the 3-CD Set Advanced Soul Infusion. It has Past-Life Memory techniques.

If you think you are having a Positive Past-Life Memory don’t cut off the flow of information with doubt (“Is this real, or am I just imagining it?”). Assume you had that life and experienced that breakthrough. Even of you did not, it is a statistical fact that you have an atom in your body that experienced that lifetime.

With each breath, we exchange with the Universe 10 to the 22ndpower atoms. Because of that huge number, it is a statistical fact that at any given moment 10,000 of the atoms currently in your body, were also in the bodies of Jesus, Moses, Buddha, or Joan of Arc, etc.). What is important is retrieving the wisdom of the memory. It really doesn’t matter whether it is a Soul memory or an atomic memory. Either way you can apply from the wisdom of the memory to problems you are facing now.

Another key is mastering the BiLevel Awareness skill described in You Are Psychic! (Chapter 9) and extensively taught in The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs option). It allows you to be physically active, but also tapping your Soul Memory dimensions, being aware of more than just this life’s scenery and events.


Enhancing Your Connection to the FULL Flow of Soul Growth Energy

Scientists have discovered an Expansive Energy (EE) that they say is 15 times more powerful than what the average person thinks of as the entire Universe. That Energy IS the force that fuels Vitality, Soul Growth and Enlightenment. Most people tap only a small faction of that energy, because its flow is constricted/limited at inter-dimensional choke points (the transition zones between the physical and spiritual realms).
Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders' Summer 2016 near death experience gave him a new vision of how to integrate 35 years of Free Soul techniques and discoveries for BOTH opening those choke points and using that enhanced energy flow for even more effectively "Living AS a Soul." Those insights do truly make "The Sum Greater than the Parts."
The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will featured those NEW Insights and Methods for combining the 35 years of Free Soul discoveries. FULLY integrating ALL those techniques with NEW information about that Expansive Energy (EE) will open new, higher, levels of self-healing ability, security, and serenity. BOTH physical AND Soul healing will be covered. As important as the new physical self-healing techniques will be, you do not take the body with you at death. Knowing how to fully tap EE for healing this life's Soul hurts and Past-Life Soul Bruises is even more valuable.
Knowing how to "at will" open those choke points multiples, many fold, the level of Soul awareness, self-healing energy, and contentment/serenity/enlightenment that can be LIVED each day, in ALL facets of your life. Treat yourself to a scenic vacation that also gives you life changing skills. If you can not attend, get the "Science for Living AS a Soul" 2-DVD Set.

WHY is this Expansive Energy (EE) the Key to "Living AS a Soul & Creating Enlightenment

The newly discovered Expansive Energy (EE) is the opposite of Gravity, BOTH scientifically and spiritually. Gravity = Pressure. EE = Gentle Consistent Growth and Expansive Flow.
From a three dimensional (3D) physics perspective gravity is associated with heaviness and causing the intense violent pressure and heat that occurs in stars. In psychology and physiology gravity means the heaviness in life created by the Limbic Brain (that keeps us struggling for survival). From a religious and spiritual perspective that heaviness creates suffering, pain and animosity. Spiritually, taping EE is the gateway to happiness and living in the FLOW of serenity and harmony for FULL Soul Growth and Oneness.
Free Soul's three Keys for Living more AS a Soul are: 1.) Make Life a Quest NOT a Test 2.) Strive WITHOUT Strife (Struggle) and 3.) Harmony DESPITE Hassle or Hurt.
3D Gravity promotes - Pressure - Test - Strife/Struggle - Hassle and Hurt. Taping EE enhances your ability to Quest and Strive Joyously, as an Adventure, and to BE/stay in Harmony despite the Hassles and Hurts that life entails. The more you learn to connect with that Expansive Energy and FULLY flow it to/thru your body, mind and Spirit, the more you can:
- access the most advanced of self-healing techniques/methods
- see and support Life Purpose and Soul Growth aspects of your challenges
- "LIVE Life AS a Soul" with inner security and harmony, AS you "Create YOUR OWN Enlightenment"

The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will be unveiling NEW concepts and techniques for more FULLY tapping EE and flowing it into ALL facets of your being and life. The new information that will be shared will reveal why Free Soul's 35 years of discoveries and techniques were developed, as well as how to combine them to achieve that ultimate EE connection and flow.

For those that cannot attend the Retreat, you can begin training yourself for more fully tapping EE by learning the Soul Blending Techniques initially explained in Chapters 8 and 9 of You Are Psychic! and FULLY taught in The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, 24 CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs Option. Also key are to learn the Soul Infusion and other Advanced techniques taught in the 2-DVD Set Science for Living AS a Soul.


How to USE the Pressure of Gravity for Accelerated Soul Growth

Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, has said there are really only two possibilities. Either you think Souls were just floating around and got to close to people having sex and "Oops stuck in a body again", or Souls CHOOSE to come to Planet Earth, even with its Gravity (BOTH physical AND spiritual).
If we are, in fact, here for a reason, how can we understand and use the pressures of gravity positively. First, see that physical gravity has important aspects beyond just heaviness. In the center of stars intense gravity makes new elements and releases warmth and light. So too, life's pressures that stimulate Limbic Brain gravity (stress, feelings of struggle, etc.) CAN be viewed as learning challenges and used for: creative solutions, empathy for others, and valuing yourself despite setbacks. Those skills/qualities ARE the hallmarks of Soul Growth.
"Embrace the Suck" is an expression used by some of America's elite Special Forces that have to endure very harsh conditions to succeed. Spiritually it can mean, "Make Life a Quest NOT a Test." Embrace that life DOES have intense pressures, but those pressures CAN be used to create building material for new breakthroughs. Valleys CAN be seen as PrePeaks and used as catalyst for new discovery.

The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will share more than just NEW Techniques for Oneness and enhanced Psychic/Soul skills. It will also weave those new discoveries into an effective system for: better handling your life challenges, clearing old hurts (and Past-Life Soul Bruises), and seeing how to be in FULL attunement with YOUR Life Purposes (USE the challenges for completing the learning you came to Earth for).

If you can not attend the Retreat, The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, 24 CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs Option) and Mr. Sanders' 2nd book Access Your Brain's Joy Center have extensive insights for clearing old hurts and Living from a Soul Level AS you face your life's challenges.


TRIPLE Level Soul Connection for FULLY "Living Life AS a Soul"

Free Soul’s main purpose has always been to share with you, techniques and methods for tapping the unlimited potentials that are your birthright as a Soul. The end goal of learning those skills is to increase YOUR Soul Connection: to give you the automatic ability to “Live Life AS a Soul” in ALL that you do. The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will have NEW advanced concepts and techniques for being Soul Connected at ALL TIMES. Specifically new, will be TRIPLE connectivity (oneness on macro, micro, and in-between levels) and BEYOND for even deeper level of serenity and Life Purpose clarity.

Learning to access your higher Soul dimensions (the Soul-shift technique from You Are Psychic!) and tap Upflow Vortexes (from Scientific Vortex Information book and/or DVD) is a macro method for increasing your Universal Oneness Soul Connection. Learning to feel and blend with your Inner Soul Crystal (from the 2-DVD Set Science for Living AS a Soul) provides a more micro Inner Oneness Soul Connection.

The Infinite Soul Connection technique featured at the 30th Retreat and in the 2-DVD Set Science for Living AS a Soul is a beginning step for blending macro and micro oneness for deeper Soul Connection. MORE is still possible, however. The 15-16 Feb. 2020 Sedona Winter Retreat will share NEW advanced concepts and techniques for weaving ALL THREE forms of Soul Connection into a living fabric of wisdom and serenity. Those even deeper combination abilities will give attendees new levels inner security and sense of purpose in life.

Also included in the Retreat will be NEW Advanced concepts and techniques for FULL Soul Vision (see below or page 2 of Newsletter for more information).

Give yourself the GIFT of a “Spiritual Vacation” that enriches your life for decades to come!


Living With Full Soul Vision for Increased Soul Connection

Soul Vision involves multiple facets, ALL of which must be understood and tapped for maximum effectiveness. The first and most obvious is using your Psychic Vision from a Soul level (for sensing into the dimensions beyond that Super-Strings Psychics says we ALL exist/extend into).

You Are Psychic! shares how to tap the psychic senses THRU the body using the Psychic Reception Areas (brain and body locations). That is the starting point for learning to tune to their frequencies, because people are used to focusing their attention thru the body.

The next step is being able to access the psychic senses without the Psychic Reception Areas, thru their frequencies alone, as “the Senses of the Soul.” The more you practice the Soul-shift technique, you can then, using an awareness of the Psychic Vision frequency, tap that HIGHER Sense (HSP vs ESP) at a Soul Level. for more effectively sensing in those Beyond Dimensions.

The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will have NEW advanced concepts and techniques for navigating in those beyond dimensions using Soul Vision (and also Soul Feeling, Soul Intuition, and Soul Audience). If you cannot attend the Retreat, the 3-CD Set Advanced Soul Infusion is Free Soul’s best material for going beyond the content of You Are Psychic! and learning higher scanning abilities.

Second, Soul Vision means, looking at issues and life from a Soul perspective. Operating from a Soul vantage point automatically improves life, because it gets you out of Limbic Brain. You feel more serene and make better decisions, because you are able to sense with the wisdom of the Soul (scanning for insight), not just sensing out of worry, hurt, anger, or fear.

Key to mastering that higher skill is being able to be Soul CONNECTED in ALL facets of life (even when you have to be physically involved in difficult issues). We are here on Earth to experience life, not to escape from it. Soul Vision means integrating Soul Awareness AND the Soul senses AS you deal with your life’s challenges.

The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will have NEW advanced concepts and techniques for being Soul Connected at ALL TIMES. If you cannot attend the Retreat, the 2-DVD Set Science for Living AS a Soul is Free Soul’s best material for learning advanced Soul Connection skills.

The final aspect of Soul Vision is being able to see Life Purpose threads in your life and around others. That highest of Soul Vision skills helps you most effectively complete your Soul’s learning objectives. It also markedly increases your security and sense of inner peace, even during the most challenging of circumstances. Giving attendees that ultimate serenity and wisdom is the main focus of the 15-16 Feb. 2020 Sedona Winter Retreat. Give yourself the gift of a Winter Get-a-way to Sedona’s beauty that nourishes your Soul for years to come.


Anti-Gravity and Soul: Key to Your Unlimitedness
This is truly a fascinating time where science and spirituality are coming closer together. Superstrings physics is telling us that everything exists in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. That expansion of reality means Soul is no longer just a religious term. You can say to a complete atheist, “You, as a Soul,” and mean the part of them that science now says exists beyond the three dimensionality of the body.

New discoveries in astronomy and cosmology now tell us that not only is the Universe expanding, but that the expansion is accelerating. Even more startling, is that the expansion is fueled by a force that is the reverse of gravity AND that the energy behind that force makes up over 70% of the energy and matter in the Universe. Science is now coming to terms with the realization that the vast majority of energy in the Universe exists beyond the realm of our physical perceptions (the physical matter of stars and planets and our bodies makes up only 5% of the Universe’s energy).

That same mysterious force is what fuels spiritual expansion, the desire of the Soul for learning, growth, and feeling loved. When you learn to access that anti-gravitational force you have the key to spiritually moving forward with your life, living active "Love of Life, 'not just blissing out in meditation. Understanding the ebb and flow of all of the Universe’s forces is what gives you the ability to spiritually navigate your path to enlightenment. You can go beyond suffering, and/or stagnation, to tapping a deep inner contentment and love in all that you do.

The new insights and techniques that will be unveiled at the Free Soul Winter Retreat will teach participants how to access those beyond forces for INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION and Full Soul Vision for “Loving As a Soul” in all facets of life. If you are unable to attend the Retreat contact the nearest Free Soul Instructor and at least make an appointment to learn the Soul Infusion discovery that not as yet in any books or self-study materials.

Life on Earth Sucks: Because There is Too Much Gravity
The above is one of the great lines from spiritual comedian, Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman). The Swami’s answer to the problem, counter Earth’s excessive gravity with levity. That is the reason he left the business world to follow his dream of being a stand-up comic.

What makes Swami Beyondananda’s humor precious is that along with the joke, there is a grain of truth (the way to keep your children’s auras clean is to give them a daily esteem bath). Planet Earth could use more laughter and less anger (In the future, if Earth changes come, we will all need to learn to be nomads – I no mad at you, you no mad at me). Spiritually, Earth does need to have a greater lightness (lightness) as we face our learning challenges, and pursue our spiritual growth.

The limbic system of the brain is what is primarily responsible for emotionally adding to Earth’s gravity. It sucks us out of Soulness and into living our animal (survival/struggle) evolutionary past. Learning to counter the Limbic Brain is a major step toward living life more as a Soul. That is why Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, considers the limbic countering brain science discovery contained in is book Access Your Brain’s Joy Center to be as important as his initial work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for finding the brain’s Psychic Reception Areas (contained in his first book You Are Psychic!).

Once you know both how to counter the Limbic Brain and the Soul-shift (described in both books), you can go to even more advanced abilities. You can learn to counter the negative effects of gravity on your spiritual growth and harmony. Those deeper skills will be a primary focus of the 2016 Winter Retreat in Sedona. If you can not attend, order the new Sedona Soul and ESP Discoveries DVD and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center book and/or contact the nearest Free Soul Instructor for private instruction.

New Vortex/Soul/Physics Discovery & Skills
Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, has made even further discoveries that tie together Vortexes, tapping the Soul, the latest in Science, and keys for living a happier life.

IT IS NOW POSSIBLE to fully scientifically explain:

  1. Why vortexes work.
  2. What their connection to Tapping the Soul is.
  3. How to go beyond finding Vortexes wherever you travel,
    1. to easily creating your own mini-vortex wherever you are.
    2. using that knowledge for better scanning past, present, and future,
    3. and better determining/creating your life purposes.
  4. How knowing this latest in Physics can increase your success and happiness.

In Free Soul’s constant pursuit of new ways for “Living As a Soul” Founder, Pete Sanders has been using the latest in physics (beyond Superstrings) for developing new techniques. The short version is that science has identified a new force that makes up over 70% of the energy in the Universe (stars, planets, our bodies, etc. make up only 5% of the energy in the Universe). Tapping into that new energy is even more expansive than utilizing only the Soul-shift and/or Soul Infusion. It completes the missing link for more INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION.

When you access that energy and perspective you are able to look at life and the world around you with new awareness, what might be called Full Soul Vision. The 15-16 February 2020 Winter Retreat will teach attendees how to use that awareness and new techniques for both, life purpose insight, and Advanced: self-healing skills, psychic sensitivity, and past-life information.

FULLY Connect Your Heart and Soul for Serenity, Love, and Happiness

    Nothing is more important in life than “Feeling Loved.” All too often we settle for being dependent on others and/or putting up with scraps when we could be experiencing the Full Joy of Unlimited Connection with Universal Love Energy (and have the added blessing of being able to give and receive more love with others). That is the Focus of the 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat.
Specific NEW techniques will be taught for: 1.) Opening yourself to NEW deeper Universal Energies; 2.) Fully clearing/cleansing both your Aura and Inner Soul Crystal; and also 3.) NEW methods for bridging the varying biorythms and life cycles that can put strains on your relationships (with loved ones, partners, family, and with yourself and your Guides). The sum total of the material presented will be to give spiritual seekers whole new levels of Serenity, Security, and Happiness.
In addition attendees will learn to more fully feel and open themselves to the love of their Spirit Guides, PLUS keys for evolving toward becoming a Guide. Also covered will be how to use Vortex Energy both in Sedona (time WILL be spent in the Vortexes) and where ever you travel for the rest of your life, to more rapidly do ALL the spiritual skills taught during the weekend AND for getting a deeper connection with Unconditional Love.
Next Winter give yourself the GIFT of a “Spiritual Vacation” that enriches your Soul for decades to come! The FS001 Introductory Soul Profile Private Session is recommended (but not required) for the Retreat (see Local Instructors with FS001 designation)


Why is it Crucial to Clear/Cleanse the Aura and its Soul Projectors
Universal Love Energy IS ALWAYS all around us. WE are the impediment that keeps it from reaching us and giving us the gift of  being and feeling FULLY loved all the time .
The blockage starts at the level of our auras. The same way running an old oil lantern too high would soot up the inside of the glass, negatively dealing with life’s stresses can effect the inside of our auras. When we struggle with our “stuff,” (life’s challenges), we soot up our auras, making it harder for everything to reach us.

That energy field clouding prevents us  from: 1.) seeing the world around us clearly; 2.) connecting fully with our Guides, and 3.) accessing Universal Love Energy. That is the main reason the The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, 24 CDs Version, or Text + CDs Option) shares multiple Aura Cleansing Techniques (and starts each lesson with BOTH cleansing the aura and the environment). The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will teach NEW Advanced Aura Cleansing Methods specifically designed to help with connection to Love, Guides and clearer Soul Vision.

As important as clearing/cleansing the aura is, equally valuable is learning how not to soot it up in the first place. How do you deal with life’s challenges and passionately be a seeker without the “over intensity” that can cloud the aura? The answer is to “Make Life a Quest NOT a Test!” The key is to “Strive WITHOUT STRIFE.”
That is why the material in Access Your Brain’s Joy Center (book, or book and DVD  Combo) is so important. It is essential to be able to soothe and counter the Limbic Brain. Without that physiological skill it is almost impossible to prevent sooting up your aura within minutes after clearing it.
An extra key is to also clear any cloudiness and/or cracks in the Inner Soul Crystal (a core part of the Soul that holds old hurts and vulnerabilities that we have yet to heal). That is why the “Heart and Soul” Retreat will specifically have sections on  methods for boosting self-esteem and converting even the greatest traumas to learning and wisdom. (If you can not attend the Retreat the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set has initial Soul Crystal Healing techniques).
To FULLY clear/heal the Inner Soul Crystal it is also necessary to heal Past-Life Bruises and convert them to light and wisdom. That will also be covered at the “Heart and Soul” Retreat .

Flow Love Energy to/thru ALL of Your Life
    Just as very little of an iceberg can be seen above the water, so too physical love is only the tip of the FULL love energy you can experience when you tap the Soul and beyond. In fact the main reason so many people have the feeling of “Not Being Fully Loved,” is that the are on a starvation diet in their connection with Universal Love Energy.
When you are starving, you are not as discriminating about what you eat (in love this equals poor choices of who we have relationships with and how we discount our needs/value to merely maintain a relationship).
The more you do the Soul-shift Technique (contained in ALL Free Soul materials), the more you feel the full worth of your Spiritual Self, and the less willing you are to settle for less than that self  deserves.
The Soul dimensions are also the Gateway to Universal Love Energy. That is why both The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul 10 Lesson Course AND the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set contain techniques for Blending with the Universe.

Counter Gravity  for NEW Levels of Love.
The newly discovered Expansive Energy (that Physicists say makes up 75 % of the Energy in the Universe) is the key to tapping even Deeper Levels of Universal Love Energy. When you can get out of Limbic Brain, Tap the Soul, AND blend BEYOND the PHYSICAL Universe, you enter the realm of that Expansive Energy and can connect with the deepest of Unconditional Love Energies.
The 15-16 Feb. 2020 Sedona Winter Retreat is specifically designed to guides seekers in experiencing those deepest portals and energies to: 1.) Nourish their own spirit and “Soul Esteem,” 2.) be able to always access that recharge whenever it is needed (so as NOT to be dependent on needing other’s love, but rather able to fully cherish it when it is given, and 3.) be better able to flow love energy to others (during ALL cycles of life).

Connection Across Different Biorythms.
    Free Soul has long talked about how life is a series of Peaks and Valleys (waves, biorythms). In relationships it is crucial to know how to bridge the gap when your  phase (peak or valley) is different than that of your loved one (partner and/or family member). The “Heart and Soul” Retreat will introduce NEW concepts and techniques for how to flow Universal Love Energy across the divide when you and your loved one are experiencing disparate cycles.


Who Are Your Guides?
Your Guides are Souls that have mastered life on Earth or at least major portions of it that have to do with your Life Purpose. You pick them and they agree to work with you before you are born. That doesn’t mean that you go to a Guide supermarket and pick one Indian Guide, and one Native American Guide, etc. It is more like a magnetic attraction. You attract to you Guides that have wisdom in the areas that are relevant to your Soul Growth purposes.

In our experience in Free Soul we have found that most people have between two and eight Guides for this lifetime. How many Guides people have is mostly related to the variety of areas they will work with in a life. A lab scientist, who never marries (with no children) and who works mostly with things not people, may not need as many Guides for this life. Someone who deals with a variety of different areas in life will tend to have more Guides.

Some of your Guides will more recently have had a body and as a result they are more apt to help you with physical areas of concern (health, safety, finances, etc.). Your Guides that have been evolving on much deeper levels will probable be the ones that help you with Soul growth issues (oneness, love, forgiveness, etc.). And in the middle are Guides that deal with physical problems that also have Soul implications (relationships, family, career, etc.).

Neither set of Guides is more important or more valuable than the other. In communicating with your Guides you want to tap all levels of their wisdom. In asking whether to make a move, or switch to a new job, you want to know BOTH the spiritual and the physical implications. One possible choice might have tremendous spiritual growth potential, but also have severe health stresses that you need to be aware of. A different path might have financial pluses, but be such a spiritual wasteland that the emptiness inside is not worth the extra money.

For those reasons you want to access ALL of your Guides AND learn how to tap their TRUE PURPOSE for working with you.

How the New Mystery Cosmic Energy Can Change Your Life
Recently the Hubble telescope has verified that the Universe, instead of slowing its expansion, is actually accelerating its outward growth. That finding has lead physicists to describe a new force in the Universe that is the opposite of gravity (described in last e-mail).

More important, this mystery cosmic force of expansion is constantly flowing around us, and even through us and can be tapped to expand your consciousness and increase your happiness. In the presence of matter (our bodies, our planet) gravity wins out over the force of expansion and we are consigned to living a “heavy” life of worry and suffering.

When you learn the Soul-shift (and practice it) you can more readily tap that expansive energy and defeat the gravity of life (anxiety, depression, etc.) created by the Limbic Brain.
The new Soul Infusion discovery (that you can either learn from your local Free Soul Instructor in a One-on-One Session or at a Sedona Retreat) helps you bring more of your Soul Energy (and its connection to Cosmic Expansion) into every moment of your life.
At the 13-14 February 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat, Free Soul is unveiling an even deeper new discovery for flowing more of that Cosmic Expansion Energy through you. Advanced Soul Vision skills will allow you to fully “Pierce the Veil” and access INFINITE SOUL CONNECTION and the Loving Energy of Universal Consciousness WHENEVER YOU WANT.
Imagine being able to access “at will” a greater serenity and the wise perspective of your Spirit Guides; to more fully be able to sense for your Life Purpose threads in all you do. Don’t just wish for “Living Life More As a Soul,” learn new skills for how to DO IT.

Guides & Your Connection into the Expansive Energy
The biggest breakthrough in Superstrings Physics was developed by Edward Witten of Princeton . His work provided the bridge that truly exploded superstrings within the scientific community. For decades there has been a major quandary in science. Einstein’s breakthroughs with relativity and understanding gravity did not match with the discoveries of quantum physics. The problem was that both were fully experimentally provable. Witten ’s final equations provide the link that shows how relativity and quantum physics fit together and rather than contradict each other. His contribution has been labeled M-Theory.

From a spiritual perspective M-Theory makes it easier for the layman to grasp superstrings’ extra dimension concepts (and their connection to vortexes). The M stands for membrane. What the scientists say is, “Think of this membrane (imagine a sheet of paper held on edge) as our Universe. It is real, but it is not all there is. There are beyonds above, and beyonds below.”

If you want the quick, simple answer to the question, “What is a Vortex?” It is an enhanced energy site that helps people get into those dimensions beyond. Why would you want to get into those dimensions beyond? Because that is how you can tap into enhanced physical and spiritual insight. From a practical point of view think of getting to that higher perspective as being like the Hubble telescope (in space). Because it is above the distortion of the atmosphere, the Hubble is infinitely superior to land based telescopes. When you do the Soul-shift technique you rise above the Limbic Brain and tap the higher perspectives of the Soul (a spiritual Hubble) for a clearer, better view for insight and problem solving. It can also let you tap much, much more.

Think of that Expansive Force (described in the sections above) as flowing in the dimensions above the plane of the membrane (like a wind flowing over the surface of a lake). When you extend into those dimensions, you are better able to catch the winds of that expansive energy for Soul growth. You can go beyond mere Life Purpose insight to Soul Purpose answers to the even deeper questions.

Connecting more consistently with your Guides is another key for accessing that expansive energy. Think of it as unfurling extra sails into the winds of that Soul growth potential. It helps you achieve more complete and rapid spiritual progress in this incarnation, rather than merely surviving life’s struggles.

The Convergence of Science & Spirituality
Free Soul is NOT trying to be a religion or replace your religion. It is a Nonprofit Educational Foundation dedicated to teaching seekers techniques and skills that help them find their own truth.

It is exciting how, more than any other time in history, science and spirituality are coming closer together. Topics that used to be consider Faith and now being discussed as the frontiers of science. A prime example is “Superstrings Physics” assertion that all things exist in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. That you are more than just the physical body and that there are realms beyond our three-dimensional world is no longer just religious belief.

An even more amazing scientific discovery is that there is an expansive force flowing through every scintilla of space (the opposite of gravity) that comprises close to 70% of the total energy in the Universe (stars, planets, etc. make up less than 5% of the total energy in the Universe). This is a huge force for mind expansion and Soul growth that Free Soul is now teaching students how to tap “at will.” The skills for riding those winds of spiritual exploration is what is part of the new Soul Infusion and Infinite Soul Connection techniques (both of which will be taught as part of the 15-16 Feb. 2020 Winter Retreat).

Once you have learned the basics of taping that expansive force, that still leaves the question of what makes up the remaining 25% of the energy in the Universe. The physicists are calling that missing link, Dark Matter. We know definitively from multiple sources that it is there, but we can’t see it with the naked eye (as it doesn’t radiate physical light or interact with light in any way). Perhaps it is something (or someone) that is at the crossroads of the interface between our three-dimensional world and the beyond of Superstrings. Perhaps it is the energy of consciousness not tied to physical form, the reflection of Souls without bodies, what has been called for ages Guides, Spirit Guides, or Angels.

The concept of evolved Souls without bodies is also just another extension of science. If matter can evolve, why not conscious? What transpires in the heart of stars is the evolution of the energy we call matter. Hydrogen atoms are compressed together to form helium (letting off heat and light in the process). Then the helium atoms are compressed together to form carbon. Then carbons atoms are compressed together to form even more complex atoms: nitrogen, oxygen, etc. all the way up to iron. Eventually, when the star runs out of sufficient stuff to run that nuclear furnace, it goes nova. In that explosion still further complex metals and other massive elements are formed. Eventually those complex atoms condense to form planets.

If matter can evolve from hydrogen to helium, to carbon to lead, etc., why not a similar evolution of the energy that is consciousness? To date the biggest mystery in Brain Science is how the wiring of the brain creates consciousness. Consciousness is how you recognize you as you and how you “initiate thought.” Perhaps consciousness is that part of us that extends into those dimensions beyond. Further, if we, as humans, can evolve as a species, it makes sense that consciousness can evolve, even if it is not connected to a body.

That is the energy that IS your Spirit Guides. Learning to better communicate with your Guides and access their FULL love and wisdom is an added focus of the 13-14 Feb. 2021 Winter Retreat.

The Science of “Soul” Esteem. Key to FULL Love and Happiness
Without Love, nothing else truly lasts or matters. Without Love, material possessions bring only fleeting enjoyment, achievements become empty and hollow, and security is only temporary. No ingredient truly affects the flavor of life more than feeling loved and being in love.
The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will teach participants how to practically, effectively, rapidly, and consistently tap the FULL energy (and dimension) of Love. The latest in both Science and Spirituality will be taught for Living with “Soul” Esteem; being FULLY Loved by Self, by Life, by Soulmates, and by the ALL.
In particular, the lesser known spiritual aspects of Quantum Physics (see below) will be combined with new techniques allowing students to tap even deeper levels of contentment, connection, and psychic awareness. The total effect will help attendees to markedly increase their levels of self-esteem, clarity of life purpose, and happiness.
Feeling loved and being loving require more than just wishing for it. Knowing skills for enhancing your access to Love Energy gives you the ability to match your desire. Everyone has some past, current, or future area of their life where they don’t or won’t feel fully loved. Those deficits can spread vulnerability to all that you do and impede your spiritual growth. Come learn a comprehensive system for enhancing the love in your life and your Soul Esteem. This program will be Free Soul’s most complete Retreat to date for “Creating Your Own Happiness.”
Give yourself the gift of a spiritual getaway in “Sedona’s beauty” that nourishes your Soul for years to come!

The Spiritual Connections of Quantum Physics
The most mysterious, and almost unbelievable, aspect of science is, without a doubt, Quantum Physics. In many ways it flies in the face of our normal every day experience and perception of the world. And yet it has been proven experimentally. It is not just theory, it can be measured. It can also be an important bridge to even deeper spiritual insights and abilities.

Unfortunately, many spiritual interpretations of Quantum Physics focus on only one of its surface, physical, aspects; the uncertainty principle. Those focuses deal with mentally affecting the outcome of events. While shaping the future is intriguing, it still ties practitioners’ happiness to externals; to things “going well.” That is the ultimate addiction. There is a deeper spiritual meaning and use to this intriguing branch of science.

The spiritual aspect of Quantum Physics that most relates to happiness and love, is its contention of unseen connections; that even across great distances seemly unconnected particles can be linked to each other. Here is a simple way to describe the more technical experiments proving that quantum connection (with the spin of photons emitted for decaying radioactive Calcium atoms).

Imagine if you and a friend were each given a quarter. Then you were told to put it in your pockets and walk away from each other in opposite directions. At any given moment, if you pull the quarter out of your pocket, there is an equal probability that when you look at it you might see either the heads or tails side of the quarter. Now imagine, that if whenever you pulled out your quarter, your friend did also. Further, that whichever you saw, heads or tails, your friend would see the exact same on his or her quarter (every time). Quantum Physics basically says that there is an unseen connection between the two quarters (possibly from their common origin) that links them across any distance (causing you to both to see the same – heads or tails).

A similar link exists between ALL Souls. It is the bond that links you to loved ones. It is the path to deeper levels of Love of Self. It is the gateway to your greater connection to the Infinite. You CAN learn spiritual methods for more fully tapping those connections. The Soul-blending techniques contained in “The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul” Comprehensive Course are the first step. The 13-14 Feb. 2021 Sedona Winter Retreat will feature new advanced methods for more readily accessing those connections.
Imagine being able to reach out thru space (and time) to be one with all Souls, all events, all learning, and all aspects of love. Imagine the happiness in life possible for you from never feeling alone, cut off, or separated again.

NEW Keys for Greater Happiness thru Mastery of Past, Present & Future

Imagine the inner relief and calm you would feel if you had a way to more accurately sense ahead in time. Imagine the enhanced sense of being on track with your Life Purposes you would have if you could sense which channel of the river would lead you to greater happiness and success.
Imagine also feeling FULL Y free to more forward, because you had released old hurts: knowing how to sense and clear the root causes that are polluting both your current life and future potentials. Imagine FULLY transforming pain, sadness, and loss into serenity, inner security, and joy.
Those are some of the core themes of Free Soul’s 15-16 Feb. 2020 Winter Retreat in Sedona. NEW psychic scanning techniques for sensing into “The Dimension of Time” will be unveiled that will give greater clarity when working with either the past, the present or the future.
Those skills will also allow attendees to be more successful with channeling healing energy into the past for assisting both physical and mental/emotional issues; and send ahead healing and supportive energies to future challenges (including aging).
In addition to teaching those new methods, attendees will be briefed on how to use them in Sedona’s Vortexes for the greatest success, as well as a system for maintaining and continuing those scanning skills for the rest of their lives.

Greater Happiness by: Learning to Master the “River of Time”

Nothing triggers the Limbic Brain more than feeling helpless and nothing makes us feel more helpless than the unknown. That is one of the reasons that concerns about “The Future” more often trigger distress (anxiety, uneasiness, etc.) than excitement (anticipation, joy of adventure from exploration, etc.). Worries about the future is one of the negative mental triggers that pulls us into the Limbic Brain perspective that Life is a Test, rather than the Soul view that it is a Quest and a Joyous Adventure.
Time has often been compared to a river, because it is always flowing and also always everywhere. To FULLY Master the Dimension of Time, you have to be able to sense the whole river, past, present, and future. This requires a deeper form of psychic sensing than that outlined in You Are Psychic!
At the 15-16 Feb. 2020 Free Soul Winter Retreat in Sedona NEW psychic scanning techniques for sensing into “The Dimension of Time” will be unveiled. Because those new techniques flow from deeper levels of Soul connection, being able to practice the steps in the enhancing energy of Sedona’s Vortexes will help students more completely learn and retain those abilities.
An additional feature of those new techniques is how they can deepen both physical and mental/emotional healing. Nerves are similar to the past, present, and future, in that they have the main cell body (the present), dendritic roots connecting other nerve cells (the past) and branches of neurosynaptic connections with the potential for change and expansion (the future).
Once attendees learn the full “Blending with the Dimension of Time” techniques, they will be able to apply those Soul skills to more effectively heal old hurts (both physical damage and limbic brain emotional scars) and stimulate NEW growth (both physical regeneration plus rewiring limbic brain areas from scar tissue to learning and enlightenment. An additional Saturday evening session will apply those skills to healing past-Life Soul Bruises and energetic remnants of old physical injuries.
If you can not attend the 13-14 Feb. 2021 Retreat in Sedona, your best way forward is thru the “Science for Living AS a Soul” 2-DVD Set. and the Advanced Soul Infusion 3-CDs Set. Equally important, review Chapter 7 (on Healing) of You Are Psychic! and Chapter 1 of Access Your Brain’s Joy Center.


“Flow vs Fight” Avoid the Pitfalls of Seeing Time AS an Enemy
   All to often we use time against ourselves to create unnecessary unhappiness. We say, “There is never enough time” or “I am late” or “I am behind.” Those thoughts ARE tangible things that can erode your happiness even more than your actual problems. That undermining of serenity and security occurs through the negative workings of the Limbic Brain. Those thoughts fool the Limbic Brain into thinking there is a greater emergency than may exist. In our evolutionary past, being behind or not having enough time, meant death. That is why a minor lateness can feel more overwhelming than the circumstance merits.
Worries about “what will happen in the future.” are just as negatively powerful. The Limbic Brain does not distinguish between definite future problems that WILL happen and anxiety about unlikely but possible pitfalls. To the Limbic Brain they are both Survival Threats. Being able to lessen excessive feelings of distress related to time (present or future concerns) is a major key for greater peace and happiness, even during life’s challenges.
Mastery of the “Flow of Time” is the solution. It lifts you out of feeling pressured and fighting for survival, to flowing with a sense of adventure and command of your Journey. Being able to FULLY psychically scan Past, Present, and Future provides an inner security that helps you truly “Live Life AS a Soul.”
Time is directly connected to the newly discovered Expansive Energy (that physicists say is 15 times more powerful than what is commonly thought of as the entire Universe). Being able to fully blend into the Flow of that Expansive Energy is a first step for being able to tap the Advanced Time Scanning Psychic Techniques that will be unveiled at the 15-16 Feb. 2020 “Journey” Retreat in Sedona. On a Soul level, it is equivalent to tapping the portions of the brain that scientist say we are not fully using.
If you can not attend, your best way forward is thru the “Science for Living AS a Soul” 2-DVD Set. and the Advanced Soul Infusion 3-CDs Set.).


2021 Retreat Details

In Sedona, AZ: Sat & Sun. 13-14 Feb. 2021
(Sat. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
[with time spent in the Vortexes])
There WILL ALSO be a Remote Option - For those unable to Travel to Sedona

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$350 PreRegistered by 01 Feb. 2021
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REMOTE Option - $250/person Preregistered ($300 After 11 Feb. 2021)
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