Access Your Brain’s Joy Center


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By Pete A Sanders, Jr.
Learn to Self-Trigger the Brain’s Natural Mood-Elevation Mechanisms

With Additional Chapters on:

  • How to Clear EVERY type of Worry, Hurt, Anger, or Fear
  • Pain Control, Countering Nicotine, Alcohol, of Drug Dependency
  • Success without the Achievement Addiction 
  • Mind/Body Methods for Weight Management
  • Enhancing the Love in Your Life  
  • Reference Guides for every key tip


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Access Your Brain’s Joy Center is about Feeling Better Fast without Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, or Overeating.

Containing specific adaptations for:

  • enhanced sexual response
  • help with quitting smoking
  • reduced alcohol or drug abuse
  • controlling weight and overeating
  • pain control, irritability, relieving PMS
  • tapping a greater sense of spiritual onesness
  • also how to clear any worry, hurt, anger, or fear

This book is also excellent if tension and over-trying are preventing you from doing the spiritual exercises to your complete satisfaction (or if life stresses are eroding your happiness).

THE COMBINATION OPTION includes Book + CD of iPhone App of the Discovery (with a Track of Mr. Sanders guiding you through triggering the brain’s Natural Mood Elevation mechanism)

PLUS the NEW DVD Mind/Body Discoveries for Stress Reduction, Mood Elevation & PTSD Relief – Mr. Sanders teaching the technique for Vets, Active Military and their Families.