Sedona Vortex Tours


For Individuals or Smaller Groups
(Privates Tours – just your family or group in the Jeep)

Free Soul Founder, Pete Sanders, has partnered with Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

Mr. Sanders has personally trained their Guides,
and each Earth Wisdom Tour will also receive Digital copies
of Mr. Sanders’ Scientific Vortex Information Book and DVD

available are:

Ride the Vortex (Easy-on-the Asphalt Tour)
Experience the magic of Sedona in the comfort of an open-air jeep on paved roads.
As you voyage through breathtaking red rock country, you will learn about native history, flora, fauna, and how Sedona became known for its famous vortex sites.
During the tour, you will be able to stop to take photos, and your guide will teach you how to experience the vortex energy for yourself.
Bring sun protection, water, and comfortable closed-toe shoes for optional walks.

Mystic Earth
(Upflow & Inflow Vortex Areas)

Journey in a private, open-air Jeep offroad through one of Sedona’s enchanted forests and hike to a lesser-known powerful upflow vortex with breathtaking 360-degree views.
While there, your guide will teach you ways to experience the vortex to enhance your connection to Earth and Sedona’s revitalizing energy.
The tour goes on to a second vortex where you can experience the contrast of different vortex energies. This tour involves short hikes on uneven ground, so bring sun protection, water, and comfortable closed-toe shoes.
Infinite Connection (Upflow & Combination Vortex Focused)
Embark on an off road journey into Sedona’s red rock landscapes and dive into the mysteries surrounding the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness.During this two-hour private tour, your guide will take you to places known for their vortex energies and teach you ways to experience them.
You will also learn about plants, animals, history, and why this area is considered a
window to other worlds. This tour involves short hikes on uneven ground, so bring sun protection, water, and comfortable closed-toe shoes.
Inner Journey (Inflow Vortex Focused)
Ride in the comfort of a private open-air jeep on paved roads to an inflow vortex in the heart of Sedona.
This tour offers time for reflection and guided meditation in the serenity of a private garden with a medicine wheel and stone circle specifically designed to deepen people’s connection to nature and their inner wisdom.
A second stop with expansive, inspiring views makes this tour a full-circle journey touching on the unique energies Sedona has to offer.
This tour involves some walking, so bring sun protection, water, and comfortable closed-toe 


SEE ALSO  – Sedona Programs Menu
for Mr. Sanders Weekly Scientific Vortex Information 90-min. Presentations

(How to “Create the Vortex Effect” & Find Vortexes)


VORTEX TOURS for Larger Groups by Mr. Sanders (6-10 people)
(Group must provide their own Transportation)

GUIDED 2-Hour Program at Airport Mesa Vortex or Cathedral Rock
(FULLY Permtted for Operation in the Coconino National Forest)
For People who have attended a Vortex Presentation or
Have the Scientific Vortex Information Book, DVD, or Discounted Combo
– Advanced Mind/Body/Spirit Healing Techniques
– How to “Remote Tap” a Vortex Site
(at a distance but within site or even from miles away)
– Information about Combination Vortex Sites & Skills

$150/person (Joint Income Couples – $250)
(Forest Service Limit of 10 People)