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How to Banish the “Limbic Worriers”
and Activate their “Septum Soothers!”

Help Children learn an EASY Way
to Access Their Brain’s Joy Center!


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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
may matter more than IQ for success and happiness!

The illustrations in Alice Makes an Amazing Discovery
also shows adults an improved method for Self-Triggering Mood-Elevation Centers in the Brain

for “Feeling Better Fast” without Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs or Overeating!


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Positive Comments from Teachers, Therapists & PHD Psychologist

“Over 25,000 students have passed through my classroom suffering from every “Limbic Worrier” imaginable. Gifting them with the discovery in this book is a true blessing.”
Katie Bechtel – 30+ year Public School Teacher


“The discovery in this book is an effective and simple technique that can be taught to even young
children. The sooner you can help someone learn that skill, the more it will become a life habit. I have
taught it to both children and adults for calming themselves when they are stressed or scared.”

Ms. Susan Avery, MSW (30+ year Child and Adolescent Therapist)

   “As a psychotherapist of 45 years, I am excited about how timely Alice Makes an Amazing Discovery is. So many children and adults are suffering from stress and trauma. Knowing how to soothe the limbic brain, and the anxiety resulting from childhood experiences, provides a life-long skill. Learning this as a child is a positive foundation for resilience and improved mental health.
This book is NOT just for children. Learning these limbic-soothing skills as an adult, can be an invaluable addition to a highly effective, mental health, first aid toolbox!”
Marlene Shiple, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certified, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)