Sedona Photos

Inflow Area:

Red Rock Crossing with Cathedral Rock in the Background

Upflow Area:

Bell Rock

Combination Vortex:

Cathedral Rock

Combination & Remote Tapping Area:

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Sedona Vision Quest System

BE a Vortex and Live Life AS a Soul Wherever You Travel

Vision Quest

How to Create YOUR OWN Vision Quest

Get Direction Whenever You Feel Stuck

Have the Benefits of Sedona ANYWHERE

How to BE a Vortex & Life Life AS a Soul

PLUS Techniques For:

Tapping YOUR Deeper Soul Dimensions

Healing/Cherishing Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Clearing Bruises that Diminish Your Wellness

FULLY Accessing the Spark/Flow of Divine Energy

Scientific Vortex Information

Understand, Find and Tap Vortex Energy

Scientific Vortex Information

Scientific Vortex Information

This program gives you everything you need to know to lead yourself on your own     Vortex Tour.

Pete Sanders is a Nationally recognized speaker and author who has lived in Sedona since 1980. He turned down Harvard Medical School to found his NonProfit Free Soul Mind/Body Education Program, because he felt the public deserved scientifically based training in the frontier of the human potential. In specific, his focus is sharing keys for how seekers can learn to be their own best teachers.

Mr. Sanders brings that same approach to this practical, down to Earth, presentation about Sedona’s Vortexes. You will leave knowing how to easily and fully experience the spiritual power of Sedona to renew and reinspire your life.