Sedona Vision Quest System


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By Pete A Sanders, Jr.

An M.I.T.-Trained Scientist’s Program

    • Enhancing YOUR Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness
    • Answers Whenever You Feel Stuck
    • Knowing How to BE a Vortex
    • Living Life AS a Soul
    • in Sedona, at Home, or Wherever You Travel


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Learn a Specific Rapid and Easy System For:

  • How to Create YOUR OWN Vision Quest
  • Get Direction Whenever You Feel Stuck
  • Have the Benefits of Sedona ANYWHERE
  • How to BE a Vortex & Life Life AS a Soul

Plus Techniques For:

  • Tapping YOUR Deeper Soul Dimensions
  • Healing/Cherishing Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Clearing Bruises that Diminish Your Wellness
  • FULLY Accessing the Spark/Flow of Divine Energy

Pete A. Sanders is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principal studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science. Accepted to Harvard Medical School, he instead devoted his life to sharing secrets from science that allow seekers to be “Their Own Best Spiritual Teachers.” He has traveled the world visiting sacred sites and teaching his discoveries. In 1980 he moved to Sedona and founded Free Soul, his 501(c)(3) NonProfit Mind/Body/Spirit Public Education Foundation.