Sedona Programs

Weekly “Live” Vortex Presentations & Film

By Pete A Sanders Jr. – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Honors Graduate
and author of the bestseller, You Are Psychic!

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(See below for Fri. Sat. & Sun. option)
** Space is Limited – Preregistration Recommended **

Mondays, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
• at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa (next to Telaquepaque)
160 Portal Lane (go into lobby, past front desk and turn left to the Activity Studio)
• $15 – Call the Activity Center (928) 203-5353 to hold your place
• (if additional questions – you can also call Free Soul Headquarters (928) 282-9425)

Thursdays. 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
at the Arabella Sedona Hotel
725 State Rt. 179, Sedona, AZ 86336 (in the Ellsworth Room – South of Lobby Entrance – under Elote Restaurant)

• $15 – Call the Concierge (928) 282-7151 to hold your place
• (if additional questions – you can also call Free Soul Headquarters (928) 282-9425)

FILM – ALSO AVAILABLE at Noon on Fri. Sat. & Sun.
• See the 49 min. Scientific Vortex Information Film by Mr. Sanders
• ($10/person – Couples $15)
• at Awakenings – Portal Gardens (in the Sinagua Theatre)
• 91 Portal Lane, Sedona 86336 (Next to Tlaquepaque)
• Call (928) 282-1788 TO Reserve your space

Learn how to fully tap Sedona’s Inspirational Meditation and Prayer Sites
• Understand the different types of Vortex Meditation/Prayer Sites
• Directions to Sedona’s nine strongest and most accessible locations
• Learn what energies are involved and why it is not electric or magnetic, and how to find similar areas near your home, and wherever you travel

(CLICK HERE to see a brief video of Mr. Sanders explaining Vortexes)


In-Room Sedona Vision Quest Sessions
(Private Session with Mr. Sanders)

The Core 60 min. ($99 / Couples $75 each) Option covers:
– How to BEST move forward with your spiritual growth
(and what Sedona Vortexes to visit to assist in that)
– How to get answers “For the Rest of Your Life” about your next spiritual steps
(a clear/easy Vision Quest System you can use AT ANY TIME for spiritual clarity & growth)

A 90 Minute  Option ($125 / Couples $100 each) Option can also cover
– Advanced Mind/Body Healing or
– How to Clear Past Life Soul Bruises
– and also get Positive Past-Life Memory

The 2 Hour Option ($150 / Couples $125 each) includes ALL of the above

FS001 Guides Private Session
(Private Session with Mr. Sanders)
Mr. Sanders also offers the Free Soul FS001 Introductory Soul Profie Counseling – 90 min. ($95) in which the Counselor shares with you an analysis of your present state of being. It includes information on: your natural psychic strengths, your present usage of them, the psychic pressures currently bombarding you, and a measure of the overall strength and sensitivity of your aura.
*** Most Important *** Mr. Sanders will show you during the session a method for achieving direct communication with your team of Spiritual Guides. Other skills taught during the session include how to quickly recharge and strengthen your aura and how to tap the Soul dimension.

Vortex Tours (for Two or More People)
(Conducted by Mr. Sanders)
Mr. Sanders also offers Guided Meditations at Airport Mesa Vortex FOR THOSE WHO HAVE 1.) attended a Wekly Presentation, or 2.) watch the Fri./Sat./Sun. Noon Film or 3.) Purchased the Scientific Vortex Information Book or DVD,
Covered are:
– Advanced Mind/Body Healing
– How to remote Tap Sites (without having to be on them)
– Clearing this life and Past-Life Soul Bruises
– and keys for Positive Past-Life Memory

Tours are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1-4 p.m. ($75/person)