Science for Living AS a Soul: 2-DVD Set


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By Pete A Sanders, Jr.

  • 11 Specific Keys for Advanced Soul Awareness Skills
  • How to Tap New Energies for Greater Vitality and Wisdom
  • Accelerated Learning Methods and Insights for Greater Happiness
  • plus Secrets for “Soul Esteem” and a Deep Inner Contentment and Wisdom during ALL of Life



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Superstrings Physics says you exist in 10 or more dimensions. Why haven’t you been “living” that unlimited potential ALL your life? A newly discovered Expansive Energy is flowing through every scintilla of space and makes up close to 75% of all the energy in the Universe (compared to the less than 5% that is all the stars, planets, heat, light, etc. combined). Why haven’t you been tapping that energy for mind expansion, vitality enhancement, and Soul growth? Those questions will be fully answered, and more, in the NEW Science for “Living AS a Soul” DVDs. You will also learn techniques for tapping those dimensions and feeling that Expansive Energy ALL the time, not only when you are at a Peak, but also during the whole cycle of life’s ups and downs (especially during even the deepest of life’s valleys).

It is time to go beyond just “believing” in those possibilities and/or “wishing” for them. It is time to know a comprehensive system for being happy and FULLY Soul Aware, independent of “things going well” or “being in a vortex.” Learn how to “BE” a Vortex and tap that Expansive Energy ALL the time.

The BEST of 30 yrs of Discoveries

This 2 DVD set is the NEW Science for “Living AS a Soul” Advanced Program that Mr. Sanders unveiled for Free Soul’s 30th Anniversary. It contains insights for creating your own enlightenment and happiness during ALL of life’s ups and downs.

Learn 11 Specific Keys plus NEW scientific discoveries and techniques that can help you feel secure and serene during life (the peaks, valleys and challenges).

Featured are the Advanced Techniques of: Soul Infusion, Infinite Soul Connection, Finding and Clearing Your Inner Soul Crystal, and keys for “Soul Esteem” (for happiness even when “things” aren’t going well). ($49.95 by check or thru