Limitless Love


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The FULL Content of Free Soul’s 40th Anniversary Retreat (8 Sessions Pete Sanders teaching directly to YOU)

Recharge YOUR Spirit and Wellness with the LATEST Discoveries from Sedona

  • NEW Psychic and Soul Techniques
    for the DEEPEST Insight, Healing and Happiness
  • Advanced Soul Vision of Life Purposes
    for Living AS a Soul in ALL Facets of YOUR Life
  • Clearing this Life and Past-Life Hurts
    and Living “In Serenity thru the Storms”

Recommended Prerequisites:
Access Your Brain’s Joy Center book & Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set

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Mr. Sanders Teaching DIRECTLY to YOU:

  • Session 1 – Soul Science for “Limitless Love”
  • Session 2 – Enhancing Your Love of Self
  • Session 3 – Enhancing Your Love of Life
  • Session 4 – Enhancing Your Love Connection with Partners
  • Session 5 – Enhancing Your Love Connection the Infinite/Devine
  • Session 6 – Clearing Past-Life Soul Bruises & Accessing Positive Past-Life Memory
  • Session 7 – Secrets for Successful Vortex Vision Questing
  • Session 8 – Keys for Moving Forward & Living Life AS a Soul

NO Downloads or Apps are Required.

Content WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE thru Vimeo.

An e-mail will be sent to you with a LINK and PASSWORD that allows you to EASILY watch thru Vimeo (on Computer or Smartphone) at your leisure.
(You can pause, rewind, and/or re-watch as much as you want.)

Give yourself the Gift of the LATEST and DEEPEST NEW Free Soul Techniques for increased Health, Happiness, and Success even if you can not travel to Sedona.